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the EMBODIED man

A transformative men’s retreat diving into embodiment, presence, and power.

Welcome brother, learn to connect to your body, open your heart and embrace your emotions alongside a tribe of fellow men. You have a choice, to show up fully in this life, to move from a place of power and love.  This will be an intimate journey limited to 15 participants.

So why should you come to a men’s only space?

  • Because this space we are free from the polarity between men and women, which allows us to bring out are the deepest parts and be supported .
  • Because it will allow you to heal your own masculine and become a more inspiring man.
  • Because it (may) scare you, and that means there are gifts here for you.
  • Because group dynamics bring up the parts in us that want to be healed, especially between men.

What we will experience on this journey:

  • Connect to our bodies and unlock its wisdom:  Our bodies hold so much wisdom and information, by learning to really connect to our body’s, and our felt sense we can gain access to this wisdom. By learning though our body’s we will experience deep transformation and healing power through scientifically proven tools and methods.
  • Release what is blocking you from greatness:  Our body’s hold on to so much unprocessed emotions, which creates physical blocks in our body. These blocks stop us from fully experiencing life, joy, pleasure, pain. We will learn how to remove these blocks, letting energy and emotions flow through our bodies freely.
  • Powerful vulnerability & brotherhood:  How can we be more vulnerable in life? How can we let ourselves be seen? In this space we will discover the power of vulnerability and the healing power of true, supportive brotherhood. What would it feel like to be held by your fellow brothers? To really be seen by them. This has the power to help us reconnect to our purest masculinity. Allow yourself to forgive and release pain that we hold between men.
  • Become an even more attractive, authentic lover & partner:  You are amazing just the way you are, and after this workshop you will enhance qualities that will make you more attractive to you partner (or partners), By connecting more to you and your power, and learning to bring more authenticity and more of your beautiful essence.
  • Somatic regulating & grounding:  This is a trauma informed space. We will be actively learning how to regulate your nervous system, to be calmer and feel safer in your life. We will practice practical tools for everyday triggers to help us stay grounded.
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your life:  We will experience practical tools for embodied decision-making, helping you find more peace and certainty. Learn from other men that are, like you, on a beautiful healing journey, share your knowledge be inspired by group wisdom and guidance.
  • At the retreat’s end we will hold a healing ceremony for Men & Women:  An amazing opportunity to share, be heard and listen in a non-judgmental loving space. Allowing men and women to release past pain that we are holding on to and heal wounds we carry between us. This is a ceremony that welcomes conscious, safe and powerful connection.

Tools we will use: Embodiment practices Breathwork Psychodrama Conscious communication Mindful movement Intuitive writing Gestalt and more….