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Domme Claire presents: Intro to Kink for Couples

Introducing kink to your relationship is so much more than just “spicing things up.” It’s a way to deepen your connection through vulnerability and exploration. And, of course, it’s a whole load of fun in the bedroom.

But it must be safe, sane and consensual, and done with a full understanding of everyone’s needs, desires and limits.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • Different kinks to start you off with
  • Boundaries and safe words
  • How to plan & prep a scene
  • What to do during a scene
  • How to end a scene
  • Aftercare & debriefing
  • Dom space, subspace and drop
  • Play time in my dungeon

Every couple will get a Playbook to fill in together during the workshop and take home with them.
You’re welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks.

RSVP your spot on my website and choose “Manual Payment” during checkout. Cash at door.