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Foot Worship Play Event

πŸ‘£ Step into an evening of playful exploration at my Foot Worship Play Event! πŸ‘£

🌈 Dive into an immersive experience where feet take the center stage! 🌈

πŸ‘₯ Mix, mingle, and make connections in a relaxed atmosphere where attendees are invited to indulge in the art of foot worship. Whether you’re the adoring worshipper or the worshipped royalty, this event is all about embracing your desires!

πŸ“š Our journey kicks off with a short and sweet educational talk on the various forms of foot worship. Learn the ropes (or should I say straps?) and discover the nuances of this delightful practice.

🍹 Complimentary snacks and drinks provided. You’re welcome to bring your own favourite snacks and drinks! 🍴πŸ₯‚

πŸ™Œ Plus, get ready for a hands-on experience as you learn to craft your own delightful foot scrubs, adding a touch of DIY luxury to the evening! ✨

πŸ›‘ Worried about boundaries? Fret not! Our Consent Cards ensure a respectful and consensual experience for everyone involved. Communication is the key, and we’ve got the secret handshake to unlock the door to delightful foot play!

πŸš‘ For your safety, we have a First Aid Station on standby. I care about your well-being as much as you care about those tantalizing tootsies!

Please bring your own:
container to wash feet in, if you’re a worshipper
glasses to drink out of