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Mind-Body Retreat – 3 day retreat Tulbagh

A transformative Tantra, Embodiment and Intimacy retreat for a profound journey of self-discovery and connection. You will experience a deeper connection to your body and intuition, empowering you to communicate your boundaries openly, expand your comfort zone, and connect with others in an authentic way.

Through experiential practices, you’ll be learning tools to regulate your nervous system and create a sense of embodied safety. You’ll be guided to explore your needs and desires, and release shame and pain around sexuality. There will be loads of playful dancing and conscious movement to get you out of your head, and into your body.

We bring together the wisdom of ancient Tantra and Yoga teachings with evidence-based practices from various disciplines, including breathwork, shadow work, psychodrama, and more. Our grounded approach sets us apart from other tantra retreats, as we bridge the gap between the spiritual and the tangible, providing a holistic and transformative experience.

What will you get out of this retreat:

  • Deeper connection to your body and your intuition.
  • Communication tools for deeper intimacy.
  • Understanding your boundaries, and the power to communicate them openly.
  • Stronger sense of your needs, and your juicy desires.
  • Tools to regulate your nervous system to help you feel safe.
  • Ability to calm the mind, and be in your body during intimacy.
  • Playfulness within your intimacy.
  • Theoretical evidence-based understanding for all the above.

Guidance, tools, and experiential practice we will dive into:

  • Emotional release tools.
  • Embodiment exercises ( Primal Play, contact, movement).
  • Nervous system regulation and grounding tools.
  • Tantric Coupled Breathwork exercise (Shiva Shakti, belly-to-belly).
  • Conscious touch exercises.
  • Archetype and Shadow work.
  • Projections / Reflections.
  • Individual, couple and group practices.

Who is the retreat for:

Come as couples, or if you’re single. Beginners and experienced practitioners. Anyone looking to expand their lived experience through conscious relating and embodiment. We will endeavor to balance the number of men and women in this retreat, although working with the same sex is also possible.

Boundaries of the retreat:

  • There is no expectation to do anything that doesn’t make you feel safe.
  • We will encourage you to check in with yourself before every exercise to feel what is right for you.
  • There is no nudity in this retreat , except for one exercise where it is optional.
  • There will be no genital touch in this retreat .

Retreat Structure:

  • A 3 day retreat.
  • Starting time Friday afternoon 2:30 pm.
  • Ending time Sunday afternoon 4:30 pm.
  • The time we end at night will be flexible for Friday and Saturday to make sure all the information is covered.
  • There will be a lunch break during which lunch will be provided. There will be a nourishing vegan & vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner provided during the retreat. Fruits & Snacks provided for breaks: Coffee, tea & filtered water are always available.
  • Shared Accommodations are provided. If you need assistance with the accommodation or want to share with someone specific, we can assist & guide you.
  • Limited Wi-Fi signal.