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Needles And Spring

Ms_Kitten_ (@Ms_Kitten01) creative sadist and fetish artist with a love of latex, a penchant for violent grappling scenes, and a very cute bum welcomes you to her play box. Experienced top and kink educator who films fetish porn and brings an honest look at consent and negotiation needed to create a scene. 

As our bodies and minds change, so do our sexual responses, and we may need to do things differently. We want new experiences. Sex education is a journey: it can help us unlearn toxic patterns from childhood, shame and stigmas around STIs, and improve on non-existent sex ed classes at school, which often had a narrow definition.’

-Introduction to consent negotiation and communication required for sharps 

-aftercare and risk assetment for sharps play

-the above is done ona whatapp group

the class will include

-spring themed pieces

-self piece session

-introduction and dip into artistic piercing.

What’s the reward of this play?

In short, endorphins. Of the four happiness chemicals — the other three being serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine — endorphins are the only ones released through the stimulus of pain and stress. Both our central and peripheral nervous systems can stimulate the pituitary gland to dump endorphins into our system. This was likely developed as a necessary tool to enable us to flee danger, particularly that which causes injury or harm, without initially being hampered by pain. Adrenalin makes up another part of this mix. But in situations we needn’t flee from, pain can become a button to push for the next endorphin buzz, and exploring that can bring about some lovely results.

Combining this with other chemical releases from things such as intimacy, amusement, attraction, and personal achievements creates a pleasurable brain cocktail of hormones that I and others tend to enjoy.’ 

But, is piercing for me? you may still ask. And the truth is, you may never be certain until you try it. If you’re utterly convinced that you would gain nothing from the experience, then trust your boundaries and your knowledge of yourself.

However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to know the limits of your body and mind. Play piercing can be an excellent way to challenge, excite, explore, and induce. Whether it be with a partner, friend, professional, or on your own, play piercing can bring your focus to the moment. And the benefits, while varied, will be yours to discover.

As always, be safe, sane, and consensual. And most importantly, be yourself.’ 

-With the help of a second top we will do a needle piece with strings and plan to photograph the final piece. 

Meet your tops for the afternoon:

Ms_Kitten is both a performer and educator with a passion for healthy exploration of sexual identity and relationships. While spending time in different areas of kink she has a lifetime of perspective. One of the things she is most passionate about is sharing and mutual aid that helps strengthen our local communities, so where possible she tries to pass along knowledge and skills she has learned as so many have done before her.