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Sadists in Suburbia – Midsummer Nights Dream

Sadists in Suburbia invites to step into a realm where fantasy and desire intertwine under the spell of an enchanted night. Join us for a magical evening inspired by Shakespeare’s
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

🎭 Event Details:
Date: Saturday 2 March 2024
Time: 20:00 -01:00
Location: Durbanville
Ticket price: R200

✨ Dress Code:
Indulge your wildest fantasies and express your inner fairy, sprite, or woodland creature. Whether you choose to be a mischievous Puck, a regal Oberon, or a sensual Titania, let your imagination run wild. BDSM / Theme related attire is encouraged but not enforced.

🌿 Playful Performances:
Witness and participate in scenes that explore the boundaries of pleasure and pain, all set within the magical backdrop of an enchanted forest. Our experienced Dungeon Masters will be on hand to guide and ensure a safe, consensual, and unforgettable experience.

🍾 Libations & Delights:
Bring your own elixirs, potions (for own consumption) and to share, electable treats that will satisfy magical folk’s palate and desires.

🔒 Rules of the Realm:
Respect, consent, and communication are the pillars of our enchanted evening. Please familiarize yourself with our event guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

🎟️ Ticket Details:
Upon RSVP a ticket link will be sent. Join us for a night where passion meets fantasy, and inhibitions are left at the entrance. We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you.

With enchantment,
Sadists in Suburbia Team

Sadists in Suburbia
Event Guidelines:
We’re thrilled to have you join us for a night of exploration, fantasy, and consensual play. To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

  1. Consent is Paramount:
    All activities must be consensual and negotiated beforehand.
    Use a clear, verbal “safe word” to communicate if you need to stop the scene immediately.
  2. Respect Boundaries:
    Respect personal space and the boundaries of others.
    Do not interrupt ongoing scenes unless given explicit permission.
  3. Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC):
    All activities must adhere to the principles of SSC play.
    Prioritize safety, maintain sanity, and ensure consensuality in all interactions.
  4. Dungeon Monitors:
    Dungeon monitors (DMs) will be present to ensure compliance with guidelines.
    Follow their instructions and report any concerns immediately.
  5. No Means No:
    “No” and “stop” are absolute. If someone uses these words, the activity must cease immediately.
    Respect non-verbal cues, such as safe gestures or signals.
  6. Play Space Etiquette:
    Keep play within designated areas and respect the privacy of others.
    Negotiate scenes prior to play.
  7. Cleanliness and Safety:
    Keep play spaces clean and organized.
    Use safe and sanitized equipment. If you bring personal items, ensure they meet safety standards.
  8. Alcohol and Substance Use:
    Consume alcohol responsibly; excessive drinking is discouraged.
    Strictly no chemical drug use on the premises.
    As always; we are 420 friendly
  9. Privacy and Photography:
    Respect the privacy of all attendees; no unauthorized photography or recording.
    Obtain explicit consent before capturing images.
  10. Dress Code:
    Adhere to the event’s dress code, ensuring attire is appropriate and complies with venue policies.
  11. Inclusive Environment:
    Be mindful of diverse identities, orientations, and experiences.
    Discrimination, harassment, or any form of non-consensual behaviour will not be tolerated.
  12. Aftercare and Support:
    Practice aftercare and offer support to those who may need it.
    Report any concerns to event organizers or Dungeon Monitors.

By attending this event, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in removal from the premises.
Let’s create a magical and consensual experience for everyone!