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Suspension Club | Uplines On Objects

Suspension Club is a biweekly upskilling series for those who have attended our beginner course and would like to level up their rope skills in a collaborative environment. Led by @rope.fu and referencing content from Shibari Study and Gestalta’s Shibari Suspensions, this format will give you the best of both worlds: in-person guidance and the ability to practice outside of class by referencing popular materials.

Please note you are participating in this skill-sharing environment at your own risk. Embodiment Rope Space and its volunteers are not liable for any injuries incurred. In each session, we will discuss the risks involved with suspension and the harnesses involved, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your own safety. We will only allow you to perform full suspensions with spotting in our space if your harness construction and upline management are satisfactory.

DROP-INS ARE WELCOME – send us if you are unsure.


Uplines are lengths of rope connected to harnesses that enable the hoisting of bodies into the air. Good control of these is critical, as well as the use of the appropriate lock-offs on both the harness itself and the hard point (ring/carabiner or bamboo).

In this session we will be practicing on objects, rather than humans, to ensure that we build muscle memory before applying the techniques learned to the body.


  1. Both top and bottom need to have attended our Bondage Basics course (run every two months on a Saturday) or have received equivalent private tuition from Astrid, Kay, rope.fu, or an international educator that we recognize. If you are unsure, get in touch. Our next workshop is at the end of July.
  2. At least four 8m long 6mm thick Jute ropes or other suspendable ropes per pair for sessions 1-6. The patterns we are covering are engineered for jute, so other suspendable ropes are to be used at your own risk. We will not permit suspension from cotton sash cord. Sessions 7-9 will require an additional 3 ropes per pair. Class rope can be used to supplement your own rope set but should not be your primary rope for this series. 
  3. Safety sheers or a safety hook per rigger. 
  4. Unfortunately, due to limited time and capacity, switching will not be facilitated for the duration of this course and pairs will be expected to stick to a role (top or bottom).