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Red Dakini Tantra

We will be naked, like Dakinis, for 6 nights.
We will sleep under the stars, and eat with our hands. 
We will do rituals at night and sleep in the day. 
We will talk to the silence, listen to the whispers of the racing clouds,

and be romanced by the scent of the African soil.
We will play and pray and paint our naked bodies with the colours of our innermost desires.

Red like the raw living Passion of the Dakini,
blue like the Shakti drinking the Sky ,
 black like the Void of fierce compassion that endlessly births existence from its mouth.​

This intensive will take you deeper into your innermost self.
The source of your being.​

It’s an initiation into the tantrik tradition of Spiritual Wonderment. 

There will be no frills, so escapism, and no distraction from your Unlimited Self. 

We will gather in ritualised actions and we will slumber in the erotic delight
of the sweet non-doing.


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