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Study Group

Join us for 2 amazing sessions of delving into the Spanda Kārikās. We will be guided through these texts by Valentina Leo. These sessions will be recorded for you to watch later if you’re unable to attend all of them. It’s also possible to join via Zoom.

The Spanda Kārikās delves into the four topics:

Firstly, it breaks a new ground in Indian philosophy. According to it, the Self is not simply witnessing consciousness as maintained by Sankhya, Patanjala Yoga, Vedanta, but an active force of Spanda.

Secondly, the ultimate reality is not simply a logical system, a mysterious background of bloodless categories, but spanda or living, throbbing Energy, the Divine creative Pulsation, the source of all manifestation, physical or superphysical. It should be of particular interest to science which has now come to the conclusion that matter is only an expression of electrical energy. Spanda maintains that all energy is, in its ultimate analysis, only an off-shoot of spiritual energy.

Thirdly, the work elaborates the dynamic side of consciousness and serves as a commentary on the Siva Sutra.

Fourthly, it gives hint of a new kind of yoga for the realization of self.

These sessions will be beneficial for anyone looking to follow the Tantrik path.

August 1st & 8th will be when the event will be taking place during the hours of  9:30am to 11:30am


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