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The Purge – Slasher Slaughterhouse

The night where we turn terror into treat is once again upon us. All emergency services are temporarily suspended, and your wildest, most macabre fantasies are about to come true!

The Countdown to Carnage Begins!

🗡️ Dress to Kill (or Be Killed) 🗡️

Don your most menacing masks and your sinister costumes, but this year, we dare you to embrace the spirit of your favourite slashers! Will you be a classic Purge patriot, or will you channel the spirits of iconic slashers like Michael Myers, Leatherface, or Freddy Krueger? The choice is yours, and the blood will be on your hands… metaphorically, of course! Either way – Assemble your crew / coordinate your outfits and get ready to purge in style!

🎶 Music to Purge By 🎶

Keep your adrenaline pumping with our lineup of bone-chilling beat slashers, spinning tracks that will send shivers down your spine. Dance your fears away to the sounds of Cape Town’s finest including Ryan Hill / Miles from Mars / Max Hurrell / Geometric Flux / Polina White / Krissy J / Anaya J / Ashtag / Kurt April / PSIDN / Disc Lexa / DJ K / Tanner Mason / Tarzan / Mila Rose / Lila Gouws / Mia and Gary Night.

🎟️ Tickets to Terror: Get Yours Today! 🎟️

Don’t be left out in the dark! Secure your tickets to “The Purge” before they vanish into thin air.