a 4-day sexy shopping and spectacular entertainment experience that is taking South Africa by storm. With incredible stage shows, informative workshops and hundreds of stands showcasing enticing products,

The Sex Expo is bringing tasteful titillation to premium venues across South Africa.


Shop till you drop! With your friends, your partner or simply flying solo, take the opportunity to explore the wide array of the latest in sexy shopping in a fun and relaxed environment.


Non-stop stage performances from the leaders in entertainment are set to dazzle audiences on stage throughout the 4 days. Watch incredible choreographed shows on the Main Stage.


Pricasso, the world famous penile artist from Australia, is in attendance at The Sex Expo, and will be painting portraits for visitors throughout the 4 days. Watch the master artist at work, and take home a unique portrait that your mother would be proud of!


Watch your friends or brave it yourself, by strutting your stuff on stage in the ultimate on-stage experience during the crowd participation events. Don’t miss the infamous ‘So You Think You Can Strip’ competition, and stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes.


Engaging and informative discussions covering all aspects of sexual health and lifestyle by world-renowned sexologists and expert speakers will educate and open minds at The Workshop every half-hour.


For exhibitors, there is simply no better expo to be at. Sexuality exhibitions have a wide appeal and generate massive media coverage and public interest. With the full spectrum of businesses and brands targeting adult consumers represented, The Sex Expo is set to be one of the most popular exhibitions on the continent.