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Matters of DESIRE

A 2 day non-residential retreat.

Matters of Heart
Matters of Sex
Matters of Skin

Do we Dare? ​

Almost a swear word in some Spiritual communities & the monastic meditation lineages yet, Desire is at the heart of our Humanness. 

To Desire, to yearn for, long for, craving… lusting after…. causing an arising of the body to move towards…

DESIRE is the root of all movement, the arousal of Life energy to move forward. 

We have long been trained to suppress desires. Both sexual and not.

Not to rest into wanting, not allow ourselves to want more…

To get quick gratification for some superficial urge, and to resist dropping deeper into the longings of our Hearts the yearnings of our Souls.

The True Desire. 

Do we even really know what we DESIRE? 

​Can we allow ourselves to to DESIRE?

​To rest in this urge for more?


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