Warning, this event was expired!

Valkyries and Vikings Dungeon

The Viking Dungeon Play Party

*As always dress to impress
^ leather or latex fetish gear
^or Viking and Valkyrie wear
*NO jeans or day wear!
*Lingerie welcomed
*Clothing Optional
*Kilts welcome
*Boots welcome

🪓 Body Paint-tattoos painted on in Norse runes- face, chest, tummy

🪓 Have a Beard?
Receive: your Beard oiled and loved/ face massage- soften, condition
Give: Massage titties or backs with your scratchy beard 🥷
Possible Beard judging competition suggestions welcomed!

🪓 Wax Play
Cacao butter oil massage followed by melted Pillar wax sprinkled over your back and scraped off with a heavy knife after. Followed by a massage glove….

🪓 Impact Play Sadists and Masochists welcomed!

🪓 Popins by 2 kinksters known for cleaver spanking 👀