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Viva la Vulva!

A Space for Vulva Praise and Appreciation

The experience of having a vulva is like no other. They are often left out of conversations, overlooked, and only consumed for the pleasure of others. Studies show over 10% of people who own one have never seen one, including their own. In this workshop, vulvas will be the central focus. How to care for them, please them and support them. And, if you like, you will take a mold of your vulva home!

Participants can expect to be in community with people who will understand their struggle and can speak to the nuances of being in that identity. 

This is one of two workshops conducted by Shanae during her stay here. Check out Kink in Colour, an introduction to kink for people of colour, on September 20th on our events page.


This is a workshop for those who have a vulva, regardless of their gender identity. This workshop is not open to those who do not have a vulva as part of their physicality.

Participants are expected to adhere to the Rules and Code of Conduct of Embodiment Rope Space.

What to bring

  • your vulva! If you are doing the casting, we recommend hair removal to improve the accuracy of the result
  • a wrap to cover yourself as you do the casting
  • any additional blankets, hotties, or snacks for your own comfort

What to expect

  • Information about vulva care
  • Sharing of personal experiences regarding your vulva.
  • Using a mirror to appreciate and admire your anatomy
  • Fun casting a mold of your vulva under Shanae’s guidance. This takes about three minutes to surface cure, followed by 24 hours of full curing (which is best done at the studio)

Your Educator

Shanae Adams is a Sexuality Professional from Denver, CO. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Missouri she served as a Sexual Health Advocate Peer Educator on her university’s campus. It is here that she discovered a passion for sexuality education and an adept ability to present these topics with a unique flair and an engaging personality. That initial act of service triggered a long and prosperous career in sexuality education.

Shanae has provided education on sexuality topics both domestic and abroad. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda she lived on a heath center compound and provided education on Depo-Provera and other contraceptives and barrier methods. Back state-side Shanae worked with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland as an educator and community mobilizer.

On her YouTube channel Honest Sex with Honestlynae, her mission is to provide normalization, explanation, and melanated representation. She takes this mission one step farther with the creation of The Chrysalis House, a sex-positive collaborative with the goal of supporting marginalized groups in Denver.

Shanae received her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Adams’s State University in May 2020. Her practice M.A.I Therapeutic Services focuses on sex-positivity and trauma with the goal of helping people become the beings they desire to be.

Shanae is a highly sought-out presenter as she is extremely personable, entertaining, and well-versed during her programs. Participants compliment her on the relaxed delivery style and the safe and comfortable atmosphere she creates with each workshop. In all her workshops she brings an intersectional lens to include and appreciate the different voices, identities, and experiences that may be in the room. Sex-positivity is the foundation for the content she creates. She aims to affirm all those that seek to learn from her.

Embodiment Rope Space

Embodiment Rope Space was born in June 2021, the lovechild of partners in rope and life Astrid (@desirelinesbondage; she/they) and Sim (@vroeteldier; she/her). The intention was to create a safe(r) space wherein people from all walks of life could come to learn about the art of consensual restraint, known as Shibari, Kinbaku, bondage or simply rope work. We believe that this artform is a transformative modality, giving those within our community the opportunity to transmute shame and guilt into beauty, connection, pleasure, art and joy.