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Le Soirée Sadistic

Hay everyone!
Here we are again with another play party, this time to celebrate Valentines day and the month of Love!

Please RSVP here, or if preferred, this number can be used to RSVP, if someone attending is not on fetlife! (Just please specify its for Le Soirée Sadistique on Friday February 02)

Club Strawberry Lips – 101 Shepstone Rd, New Germany Industrial Park, New Germany

Things one may expect on the evening
Erotic displays and performances
Opportunities to engage in Impact play
Opportunities to experience Shibari/ Rope Work
Opportunities to sense the sensations of Sensation play
Access to the knowledge of the experts performing their respective arts.
A great learning experience
A chance to interact with those in the lifestyle and meet some Fetlifers.

Things one should not expect

Any form on unsafe or non-consensual play
Any behaviour or play which contravenes the regular Club Host rules

(rules can be found on the site )

Any behaviour or play which contravenes with the Event rules (which are to follow. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with them)

This is not a sex party, do not expect orgies or to get laid but rather expect to meet new people and experience and witness new practices.

*Please note that: Playing under the influence of alcohol or mind altering substances WILL NOT BE TOLERATED- If you wish to take part in a demo, please refrain from consuming ANY alcohol until after the play.

If you have questions regarding the party please drop either Bratty_Demon or myself a message on Fetlife
otherwise I look forward to seeing you kinksters there and having a haybale of a good time!

Can’t wait to see you all there!