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January 2024: Cultivating a Daily Practice (for Kinksters)

Your mission: Building simple, sustainable daily practice to support yourself in your kink explorations, relationships and everyday life.

Daily practice is for everyone

What’s the most important part of a daily practice? The daily part.

We’ll spend a month together exploring daily practices that tend to help most folks lead lives with deeper meaning, more resilience, and greater focus.

Spoiler: Not every technique out there will work for you, and that’s okay! We’ll explore together several practices that tend to help most people, most of the time. By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to launch your own personal practice that suits your needs!

What we’ll do

As part of this program, you’ll receive and explore:

  • Written & video instruction to understand the psychology of daily habits
  • Written & video instruction to explore the application of our habits to a sex-positive life
  • Live guided meditation sessions daily
  • Pre-recorded meditation sessions with Miriam Green that you can use during the program and beyond
  • Daily writing prompts through Wicked Grounds’ Adventures in Daily Kink Journaling
  • Weekly suggestions for mindfulness field trips
  • Support in establishing and maintaining your personal New Year’s kink resolutions
  • And more!

Previous students say . . .

“Knowing why you do kink is the most valuable asset any kinkster can have, moreso than any technique or toy on the market. Mir’s inclusive framework and expansive knowledge base create an amazing sandbox for players to explore what makes them tick and how to better pursue it.” – Ari Can-Do


We offer seats on a sliding scale from $33 – $99 for this full month of content.

$66 is our suggested price. This is what most people should pay.

If that rate is a barrier to participation, please select the $33 Support Rate to make this class more accessible. If you are generally comfortable and find that life gives you enough and some to share, please select the $99 Angel Rate to help us make this class accessible to others.