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The Touch of Intimacy

I talk about the limitless world of touch, and after more than 25 years of teaching, learning and experiencing, something new has emerged.

The Touch of Intimacy

A Touch that’s simple.
A Touch that follows the body.
A Touch that heals.
A Touch that connects.
A Touch of pleasure.
A Touch that transforms.
A Touch that’s a meditation.

This workshop experience is an extension of The Conscious Sensual Massage, taking us to a deeper level, both giving and receiving.

More than anything else, this is A Touch of Intimacy.

Dropping into intimacy, we drop into ourselves, from this, a touch emerges that’s an expression of our inner space, and the connection of our partner. It’s an expression of the moment, rooted in presence, in gentleness, and in love.

Join us for a new workshop, taking the art of touch to a new dimension.