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AquaBliss and AquaTouch combines music, movement and suspension in water where we connect to our authentic self, others and the world outside – letting go of the outside world, labels, we learn to trust and celebrate maleness.

This is a “Brotherhood Connection” and we use water envelope, protect and connect. Water is life and very much ALIVE! A few ground rules up front ensure respect and a safe environment for the session:

  • Its a complete journey of about 90 minutes.
  • The emphasis is connection with men, with our bodies, our mind and our spirit (our higher self (God/Universe/self)) – this is not the space for sex or casual pick ups.
  • Sensuality is key as it is the way in which we relate, inhabit and experience the world. When we awaken our senses we feel at one with the cosmos and each other.

Underwater sound and LED up-lighters helps to take you into deep meditative states.


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