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Building on the Aqua-Bliss4men and Art of Touch Workshop we heighten the experience of touch by introducing and combining touch and the element of water. In the water our senses and movement are amplified and we are able to extend our connection to our selves, the other and the world around us. The session will consist of some processes on land, beside the pool and then in the water itself.  The session will be 5 hours – a bit longer than ordinary Aqua Bliss.


Has the objective to evoke an experience of deep relaxation and expansion in which it is possible to let go the ego and self imposed boundaries. In this expanded state of being it is possible to enter into semi-trance states that facilitate a reconnection to our whole being, including the sensual body.


Sensuality – often misunderstood and mistaken for sexuality – is the portal through which our body connects with the cosmos. We are physical beings and through our senses we connect with the world around us. If we are dissociated from our bodies and the messages we receive through our senses, we are inevitably dissociated from life itself.


All touch is not the same. The casual contact between people is a lot different to when you touch someone with intentionality. In Aqua Touch we bring attention to the way we connect with another person. We touch to awaken sensuality which is the aliveness we feel when we connect to the world. But we also touch to say something more. When we connect with the other in a respectful and loving way it also opens the possibility for them to feel valued, whole and alive. Touching is a two way street. Not only is there a person who receives but there is the person giving. Sometimes our focus is on the other when we give but if we turn our attention inwards we can begin to notice what this means to me, what its doing for me. In giving to the other person there is a depth of connection that happens to our own experience of life. AQUA TOUCH is not about the casual, the superficial. It is designed to awaken our masculinity, our sensuality and our connection to others at a very deep level which is both a joy and pleasure but also a healing. As men we do not learn to connect – this is an opportunity to do so.


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