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WRITING FOR DATING: Ignite your online profile

Although we can’t promise dating success (indeed some of our facilitators have stories to tell on that score!), we can help you write your profile.

Are you struggling to describe yourself – in all the right ways? Are you finding that other people do NOT match their profiles in any shape or form? Perhaps wondering whether yours really does you justice? Are you suspecting that someone else is writing people’s profiles for them (believe us, it happens, for a price…)?

The Life Righting Collective believes that creativity – your OWN creativity – is your birthright and that, within all of us, there is an authentic, sexy, lovable you right there for the writing. Only you know you best. And your story lies inside you.

Let us help you bring that story into the light in your profile so that people see you for who you really are – and not some composite and clichéd ideal a dating agency or Chat GPT has concocted for you (and yes, we have tried that too).

Finally, we will introduce you to the Seven S words. In fact, you get them for free when you sign up for this course. So apply now for three hours of fun and creativity that will get you in touch with your best written self.

Please email Terry at and she will send you all the details you need to get the pre-course notes that will give you some – but not too much – reading to do before the course, including a poem called When Tinder Banned Me (true story)…

Hope to see you soon on Zoom to help you ignite your profile. Book now while there is still space.


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