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Blue Lotus Nile Immersion – Sacred Water Edition

Embark on a sacred voyage that weaves the ancient wisdom of the Blue Lotus with the mystical power of the Nile in our ‘Blue Lotus Nile Immersion – Sacred Water Edition.’

Our pilgrimage is more than a simple exploration of Egypt; it’s a profound connection with the primordial waters of NUN, where creation and transformation intertwine. As we sail the Nile, we immerse ourselves in the deep, limitless currents of these primordial waters, echoing the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The Blue Lotus becomes our guide, symbolizing our journey from the mud of existence to the exquisite bloom of awakening.

In this sacred journey, we delve into the wellspring of creativity and power. The Nile, like the essence of life itself, flows with the nurturing energy that has sustained civilizations for millennia. As we gather in ceremony with the Blue Lotus, we tap into this well of creative potential, unleashing the inner power that resides within each of us.

Join us for this profound odyssey,
guided by the wisdom of the ages
& the transformative force of the primordial waters.


  • Group meditations and guided journeys
  • Yoga, movement and dance
  • Transmissions on Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Cosmology
  • Visits to the temples and a guided shamanic journey through the temples
  • Storytelling, music and creativity
  • Evening Temples on the boat working with the themes from the day. Eg. Oracle Temple 
  • Visiting special unique spots that Jasmeen knows as a Egyptian local & having travelled there for more than a decade with tours and personal pilgriamges.


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