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Basic Bonds And Self Binds

Hi all,

I am hosting a workshop on self tie and the basics. 
This workshop is aimed at beginners and those that want to self tie.

Safety will be covered and risks that one would need to keep in mind as well as consent in the rope space. 
This will cover basic knots and how to join ropes when your doing self tie. 

As I said this is aimed at beginners however, if you are an experienced rope top and want to do a refresher you’re welcome to join as well. There will be jam time, after the workshop where you can free tie with yourself or a partner, if you had brought one with. 

Open to singles and pairs or pairs+

What to wear:
Something comfortable i.e.. leggings, shorts, t-shirts etc. 
You’re welcome to be in your undergarments or free the nipple but not necessary. Please keep genitals covered, That’s innies and Outties please.

Please Bring:
Your own rope if you have there will be class rope available. 
Water bottle
A snack for yourself if you have certain dietary requirements.
I will provide a few general snacks and tea and coffee will be available.