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Expanded Energy Orgasm

Expanded Orgasm gives you a different perspective on pleasure, creating a mind-shift that takes you to a new understanding of the possibilities of pleasure and sexual energy.

We tend to see orgasm as a goal, an event, the result of the linear pattern we’ve made sex to be. Expanded Orgasm shows you how to step out of this pattern, into a different understanding and experience of pleasure. Expanded Orgasm teaches how a woman can be in an orgasmic state for over 20 minutes, even longer and shows you 4 experiences for men to deepen his pleasure.

On the workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between orgasm and orgasmic states
  • The principles of the expanded orgasmic
  • Moving sexual energy through the body
  • How to give the experience to a woman
  • How to give the experience to a man
  • How to have the experience on your own
  • Using The Expanded Orgasm for pleasure, healing, meditation and creation
  • There is no nudity, the techniques are demonstrated on latex models.