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Discover the potential of your body through Somatic Sexology.

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Discover the potential of your body through Somatic Sexology.

It’s time sex had a rebrand… To learn sensuality and sexuality is the same as learning another skill – the only difference is that it’s likely no one ever taught you pleasure. It’s not too late to learn. We guide you through the first steps and introduce you to the rich world of sensual and consensual touch and connection so that you can rest deeper into your sexuality solo and with others. We are phasing out dysfunctional relationships, unfulfilling sex, and loneliness. We are welcoming in clear and honest communication, empowered and enriching sexuality, and embodied connection to ourselves and others. We are the oasis in the desert. A safe harbor for stillness and silence. A full-bodied YES when you mean YES, and NO when you mean NO. We are actively creating opportunities to be brave and dig deeper, to address the taboos, to ask difficult questions, and to explore the thousandfold ways of making love in this world. A tantric massage ritual or bodywork session can open up completely new spaces of experience in your sexuality. You are invited to surrender to your sensations and discover and develop your own sexual experience. Our range of workshops in the field of bodywork and tantra massage is divided into different levels so that you can determine how deep you want to dive into the world of touch and connection. Touched – Holistic Healing – Cape Town –