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This unique workshop has been taught by well-known sexologist, Betty Dodson, for over 40 years and has reached millions of homes through the famous Goop lab series on Netflix, where Betty’s partner Carlin Ross demonstrated the rock’n’roll orgasm technique and masturbated to orgasm in front of a camera.

 Learning all there is to know about the big O and how to get there, is a centrepiece of the Bodysex work, but it is much, much more than that. In a society that not only trivializes sex, but also shames women* for their sexual desires, it is hard to learn about things like pleasure and needs. Too often, we believe that there is something intrinsically wrong with us, leaving us with feelings of not-enough. Not beautiful enough, not sexy enough, not adventurous enough, with not enough desire … The feeling of not-enough, coupled with shame, often restricts access to sexual pleasure and leaves us stranded.

The goal of this workshop is to celebrate pleasure in a safe space of sisterhood, where body-shame is ditched, while our true sexual self is empowered to live passionately and express confidently. The focus of Bodysex lies in overcoming negative body images, shame, trauma, and pleasure anxiety. It is a practical guide to support you in connecting to your body and orgasm to enhance pleasure and encourage self-love, as well as guide you to having the sex you want to have ­– with yourself and your partner/s.

 This workshop is open to people with vulva only.