Join us for an evening of exploring Sensuality and Eros through Couples Workshop – Sensual and Nuru Massages
We will guide you on how to dive into a truly sensual experience with your partner.
The techniques that will be covered are:
Sensual and Nuru Massages, this will be done through a live demo, where after you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques with your partner.
You can expect to leave with a renewed appreciation for the Sacred Touch.

What to expect:
First we will have a chat (+/- 30 mins) regarding the spiritual aspect of what we’re about to do as well as some material to take home to integrate later.
Then we will all disrobe to our own level of comfort for the Demo. I will give the Demo with model for the evening. That should also take around 30 mins.
Then we’ll pair the singles for the practical part.
For the practical, one partner will give and one will receive.
After 30–45 mins, we will rotate the roles and the giver will now become the receiver. Once we’re done. We will all sit for a bit to start the integration process if needed and meditate.
And then we will also do a quick Q&A if you have any questions. And that will conclude our evening.

What to bring for the workshop:
-Something to lay on (yoga mat or inflatable/camping mattress, your comfort, your choice)
– a bath towel or something to protect your mat (Nuru Gel can get quite messy) and wipe yourself down once we’re done.
– a sarong to cover yourself during the Demo.
– hydration (water/ fruit juice/ tea…please no booze)
-something to nibble on if you need (dried fruits is a good option)

Please note:
Attendance to this workshop requires an open mind and a comfortable approach to nudity and sensuality.