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Avante Garden | Erotic Life Drawing

Welcome to “Life Drawing – Avante Garden” by Embodiment Rope Space (the first Shibari Studio in South Africa), an extraordinary event that invites you to immerse yourself in the fusion of art, bodies, eroticism, and the occasional exploration of rope bondage/shibari. Step into a unique space that not only showcases art on the fringes but also beckons you to actively participate and create within this captivating realm. Be free to create your own interpretation and artwork by gazing at the imagery we create for you on the evening.


Complete beginners are welcome – you need not have ANY experience in art! This is a judgment-free, chill space to create.

Traditionally, life drawing is a form of visual art where artists depict the human figure in various poses, typically in a studio setting. The primary focus of life drawing is to observe and capture the anatomical details, proportions, and expressions of the human body. Artists often work from a live model, drawing or painting the figure as it is observed in real-time. We will echo some of these principles and sentiments but in an inclusive, more relaxed environment.

This will be a guided space for you to explore your own creativity and to be led in a calm and gentle space to express yourself via your chosen medium. We will have our model/s present and will kick the event off with some quickfire sketches just to get everyone in the headspace to create. Remember to respect the models. Any creepiness will not be tolerated. No photography. If you want to explore the evening with alternative mediums, such as sculpture or music, please get in touch with our team so we can arrange to accommodate you at

The rest of the evening will be split into some ice-breakers, diving a bit deeper into your chosen medium and exploring creating works from different poses. A strategic break will also be included so you can rest your limbs and so our model/s can recoup a bit.

We encourage you to bring along your art-making materials (and potentially snacks if you need any) but we will also have some basic supplies available for use. Note this is not a full-all-inclusive material supplied zone! So be sure to stock up on your favourite mediums and items ahead of time to bring with you.