Sensual Binds

Good day all,

I am hosting a workshop again this one will be on the topic of sensual ties.

How to use the rope with in a sensual scene with a partner or loved one together.

This workshop is aimed at couples/ partners. However, if you’re a single pringle, you’re welcome to come through as well. You can still learn a thing or two. If you have prior knowledge will be beneficial. however, there will be some basics at the beginning.

We will look at various ties which can be used to tie your bottom so that you may use various sensation tools. Where you are also able incorporate touch into it as well as various tools. How the use of rope can help and heighten the touch you give your partner too.

Time 7 pm till 10 pm

Place: Domme Claire dungeon

Date: 2 August 2024

What to bring:

  • Cushion or blanket to sit upon.
  • Water bottle.
  • Snacks for yourself (I will provide some to share too)
  • If you have your own rope.

Wear what you are comfortable in.

Alphabet mafia friendly! (LGBTQ+)