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Sensual Heart Temple

A temple that speaks to your heart. A space to connect with our hearts, to touch from the heart, and to experience healing.

A temple is a held space in which one can meet sensually and exchange intimacy. 

The Sensual Heart Temple focuses on the quality of the heart energy.

Because Tantra wants to establish the connection between the heart and the root chakra.

This enables:

  • A holistic intimacy that addresses all levels of being.
  • An energetic expansion of your Lifeforce Energy to the heart and the entire chakra system
  • A healing space where old wounds and patterns can be reprogrammed through corrective experiences.
  • Nourishing encounters that bring your system into deep relaxation.
  • A feeling of arriving and being able to let go

We start the evening with a Heart Puja Encounter Circle.

We then flow into guided, sensual and energetic encounter rituals,

and then spend the second half of the evening at a Free Flow Temple.

Heart Temple Time

The evening event will take place from 7:00 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m


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