Warning, this event was expired!


Join us at lovely Club Strawberry Lips for this new and exciting venture!

🏳‍🌈GentsJungle in association with us here on the BDSM side of life, worked to create this easter special event for the boys! 🏳‍🌈

Get ready to don a loin cloth and go wild with professional masseurs on site and access to the famous BDSM play room where for a portion of the evening, something a little more stingy (or thuddy will be offered 🤭 to those are curious.

As ALWAYS at club Strawberry Lips:

Safety and consent are our golden rules-
No fighting or aggression will be tolerated
No cellphones allowed- this is for the privacy and dignity of our fellow partygoers
Treat others with respect and kindness
Substances do not mix well with BDSM scenes- Please be sober if you wish to dabble in something exotic with us.

YKNMK- Your kink is not my kink- If something is not for you, you are in no way obligated to take part or have to view it. We respect the wide array of tastes, preferences and kinks out there and we do so by allowing safe place for each to be themselves.

For questions, suggestions or queries before or on the night:
DM’s/Admins in attendence – Bratty_demon & Arion. (DM us here on fet)
GentsJungle host – Thomie (The same number for bookings)

  • what happens at GentsJungle…. stays at GentsJungle 😉 *