La Soirée Sadistique

Save the date – another Kinky party is on the cards!

Club Strawberry Lips – 101 Shepstone Rd, New Germany Industrial Park, New Germany

Things one may expect on the evening
Erotic displays and performances
Opportunities to engage in impact play
Opportunities to experience shibari
Access to the knowledge of the experts performing their respective arts.
A chance to meet up with online friends in a safe environment
A chance to interact with those in the lifestyle and meet some Fetlifers.

Things one should not expect
Any form on unsafe or non-consensual play
Any behaviour or play which contravenes the regular club rules
This is not a sex party, do not expect orgies or to get laid.
*Playing under the influence- If you wish to take part in a demo, please refrain
from consuming alcohol until after the play.

** Please remember this is a safe space for all**

Much Love
Aroin & Bratty_Demon