La Soirée Sadistique – Femme Fatale

Save the date – another Kinky party is on the cards! Come and join us celebrating all those the are and identify as feminine… Lets bring our femme fatale…

Club Strawberry Lips – 101 Shepstone Rd, New Germany Industrial Park, New Germany

Things one may expect on the evening:
Erotic displays and performances
Opportunities to engage in impact play
Opportunities to experience shibari
Access to the knowledge of the experts performing their respective arts.
A chance to meet up with online friends in a safe environment
A chance to interact with those in the lifestyle and meet some Fetlifers.

Things one should not expect:
Any form on unsafe or non-consensual play
Any behaviour or play which contravenes the regular club rules
This is not a sex party, do not expect orgies or to get laid.
*Playing under the influence- If you wish to take part in a demo, please refrain
from consuming alcohol until after the play.

** Please remember this is a safe space for all**

Much love
Arion & Bratty_Demon