Ladies Only 2

tep into an evening of enigmatic allure at “Ladies Only 2”, an exclusive gathering where women come together to explore the depths of their desire. This sensual soirée is dedicated to lesbian, bi, and bi-curious women, and those yearning to delve into sapphic pleasures away from the male gaze. Immerse yourself in a safe, seductive space curated by women, for women, where every touch and whisper promises liberation and connection. Join us and unleash your innermost passions in a celebration of feminine sensuality, orchestrated by an all-female staff. Dare to discover, connect, and revel in the freedom of self-discovery and feminine energy.

PLEASE NOTE: NO MEN ALLOWED. Couples – gents, you are welcome to drop your lady off, she will be in good hands. Men will not be allowed to enter under any circumstances whatsoever.

There is a gathering for the gents at one of our Romans’ house. A bring & braai, big screen TV with console gaming, darts, and poker while we give the ladies the opportunity to explore and enjoy themselves. There is space for about a dozen or so gents. Please RSVP on the Club phone if you’d like to attend this while your lady is safe at the club.

This is a speciality event, so please note the different pricing.

Please take a moment to read through the general rules and conditions of our parties, available on our website.

he entrance donation includes full access to play areas, pool, rooms, a hot meal, all available bar drinks, and music from our DJ.

Enjoy the presence of our lively and wonderful Roman ladies (Note: attendance doesn’t guarantee availability).

Doors open at 7:30 PM, the bar closes at 2 AM, and sleepovers are allowed from 2 AM without the need for additional booking or payment.

This event offers unbeatable value for a swingers party or any other event in the country.

Dress Code

Women: No tracksuits (unless theme-appropriate). Smart casual, shorts, theme dresses are all accepted provided the appearance is not sloppy.

Club Rome reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not dressed to a fair standard upon arrival.