Keeping it Sharp – Needle Creatice Collab

201 blood play and sharps space

consent chat the week before on text for negotiation.
What to expect?

  • we spend the two weeks before discussing/ planning and negotiating the pokes that will happen on the day.
  • using the the theme we create a needle piece that explores the models wants and needs
  • we cover negotiations/ self care and aftercare in a whatsapp group so everyone attending has full confidence and knowledge in what’s happening and what’s to be expected

on the day
-we work through the planned pieces
-we have lots of snacks and giggles
-we set up a photography corner and photograph the finish pieces
-we aid and assist each other as a group to enhance knowledge and care for each other’s negotiated needs
-we collab to share workload and skills

How do you get involved ?
if you not a regular we would still love you to come
you don’t have to get poked or poked you can happily watch and learn
you need to dm me (@ms_kitten_) so i can add you too the whatsapp chat 2 weeks before the class

x stay sharp
This is run in a workshop format but it isn’t taught off slides or notes It’s a collab space so you are welcome to bring your needles and stab or get stabbed or watch. In my journey creating has always been better when shared. This space is to share and learn from each other. This is a beautiful kink there are far too few needle spaces that are open for us to grow and learn together and connecting with community over sharps is always beautiful and special.