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Fantasia – MeetTheFockers

Hey Sexy Peeps, MTF are going 2 Start Hosting their Intimate Get togethers again from Saturday the 6th of April. We have had many years of experience in the lifestyle and in hosting naughty get togethers.

We are aiming specifically at the Hot-Wife scene as its where we have the most experience. We believe in respect and privacy for our events and choosing couples and single men and women that will fulfil what you are looking for. We host the events in our home which is smaller than the other venues but its nice and cosy and people can get to know each other in a safe and relaxed environment.

The cost is to cover the snacks and what we put on for the evening. Please drop us a mail if you are able to attend. We look forward to meeting you at our next Naughty Night Out. You just need to bring your own drinks please.


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