About this Men’s Mini Urban Retreat:
This is where all senses come into play … sight, hearing, smell (pheromones), touch, taste … even intuition. All this is happening at a primal level. We’re wired this way. That’s why some people appeal to us more than others, their scent gets us going … something about them … you can’t put your finger on it but you can’t let it go. It’s because of our needs. We get aroused by that smelly undies with the bulge, cock smell, underarm smell, stubble beard / facial hair, body hair, moan or crawl in our ear, taste of precum/body fluids, smell of Pheromones (are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the trigger very powerful sexual responses), Society tells us, all of this is not acceptable and we need to use deodorant, aftershave or cologne to make us more attractive and acceptable for ourselves and partners. The question is does it really work? Do we get the same results or are we missing out on opportunities?

The emphasis will be on our awareness of our individual senses and the connection we have with our bodies (physical), our sex (penis), our minds and our spirit (our higher selves)
To challenge and change the irrational beliefs and perceptions of the basic needs (animal instinct) within us
The acceptance of our primal instinct
The ability to experience basic instinct, intuition and senses to explore sensuality and entirely “let go” and enjoy
The realization that basically we have animalistic abilities and needs to connect on a deeper level with another person – communication, heart connection, sensual and/or sexual


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