Red Dakini Tantra

The Invitation

This is a call to humans of power, yogins, facilitators, teachers, artists, coaches, performers, poets, rebels, lovers, leaders, actors, dancers, visionaries , sacred fools and sexuality practitioners that are already dwelling in the realms of Spiritual Eroticism and feel called to be mentored personally by Valentina.

This spiritual laboratory  is for seasoned seekers and adventurous tantrikas that have a deep longing to work intensely and personally with a teacher.

Requirements & Expectations

A certain level of self awareness and the ability to hold yourself in your own processes are required.
Some familiarity with yoga, meditation and self development work is useful.
A deep willingness to know yourself and explore your own depth is essential.
A solid commitment to your awakening is mandatory.
This intensive is NOT for beginners.

The Dance

The main practice we will engage with is The Yoga of Naked Awareness – how to drink from the Erotic Essence of Reality in Awakened Spontaneity.

​In fierce nudity we will practice living & loving together, shedding layers, letting go of performance, personal narrative & protection. Meeting Reality in full Presence & Simplicity.
To support us in this process , we will resource from the practices of this school, intuitively and spontaneously.


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