Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment
Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment
Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment
Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment

Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment

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The Invisible School

The school that I am revealing is invisible for the eyes that are looking for solid boundaries and rigid dogmas.

 It’s invisible for the people that needs rules to abide to. It’s invisible to the people that want to consume spirituality, like we consume our environment.

It will reveal itself to the seeker that is unraveling from the heart, longing for erotic innocence

and spiritual freedom. It’s a school that calls for personal maturity, self responsibility

and a great deal of commitment.


The Practices



A Tantric Revelation that Flows into movements.

Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and the healing science of Ayurveda, this āsanas practice focuses on intrinsic relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind. This sequence will meditate you into the Deepest Essence of your Being, where True Self reveals. From this space of infinite stillness, natural wisdom and authentic expression will arise.

(This practice is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness)




a Traditional Tantric Practice from the Kaula Tradition of Kashmir

Perhaps the oldest form of yoga known to us,

Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body and Attunement to our Infinite Nature . Although very simple to perform , it expresses the complexity of our living existence.

It’s the dance of true Spontaneity and loving Acceptance of ALL that we are.




The Sacred Art of Kashmiri massage – is a Traditional Meditation practice from the Spanda school of Shiva Tantra that uses touch work as a tool to understand the SELF as Empty Space and Absolute Bliss. This is an expanded progression of the practice of Tandava, and has the ability to profoundly nourish our nervous systems, to restore our innate sense of belonging, to reset our connection to life at large and to finally receive our body as an expression of Divine Celebration. Our birthright.




BlissDance is the ART of dancing the Sacred and Sensual as a movement of AWAKENING.

BlissDance is for those yearning for Presence, Freedom and Truth. It is for the brave spiritual warriors who are not scared to dance their crazy wisdom and the depth of their vulnerability.

It is the dance of True Intimacy with Self.




 An exploration of the refined, subtle movements of Sexual Energy in the body.

These Sensual Meditations will naturally flow out of the āsanas of stillness

and will reveal new pathways for sexual energy to express beyond the gross body. From this place we can start nurturing a Sensual Relationship with All that surrounds us, and expand our perception of Sexuality and Reality.

(no nudity is required)




Tantra teaches that there is only You. And your perception of Reality. Nothing else truly Exists.

With this understanding Self-Loving becomes the the greatest act of Worship to the Grace of Existence.

Love is nothing else than Life Force expressing herself through you, AS YOU. Possibly the only real purpose for being alive.



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