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Red Dakini Tantra

This is a gathering for fierce women that are ready to breath the fulness of the present moment,

without the need to be directed by a teacher. 

It’s an initiation into the tantrik tradition of Spiritual Wonderment. 

We will be naked, like Dakinis, for 9 days.
We will sleep under the stars, and eat with our hands. 
We will do rituals at night and sleep in the day. 
We will talk to the silence, listen to the whispers of the racing clouds

and be romanced by the scent of the African soil.
We will paint our naked bodies with pigments,

like red Dakini, blue Shaktis and black Chamundas.

This retreat is at the edge of your comfort zone.

It’s designed in this way to take you deeper into your innermost self.

The source of your being.

This is a call to women of power, yoginis, facilitators, teachers, artists, coaches, performers, leaders, and advanced practitioners that are already dwelling in the realms of Spiritual Eroticism.

This work is not for beginners or faint at heart.

It’s for seasoned seekers and adventurous tantrikas that are finally bored of improving on their spiritual path, and have a deep longing to penetrate the flowering heart of our erotic Reality.

It’s a cohort of mystics.


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