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Kissing the Beloved

In one of the Spanda Sūtras there is a passage in which the Shakti-Goddess of Creation – is referred to with the name of Leilihānā, which literally means:
‘frequently licking or darting out the tongue.’
It is by this action that She dissolves the entire Universe into her own nature, fulfilling Herself. In the Tandava we give paramount importance to the relaxation of the tongue, in particularly the back of it –where it meets the throat. 

When we do this correctly the back of the neck releases, the Mind instantly relaxes and the shoulders drop. 
 Finally we stop “holding” ourselves with tension, and we experience an instant sensation of expansion.

The tongue darts into space and we can taste the delicate flavour of Reality dissolving the boundaries of our human heart. 

Valentina will use the practice of Tandava as a foundation to teach the Essence of the Erotic Mysticism of Kashmirian Tantra. Her teaching method is intuitive, unplanned,

uncensored and untamed. Void of linear evolution it will spontaneously and intimately meet the arising of the group

As a guideline she will be presenting the teaching content on the Monday session and take questions and reflect/feedback on personal enquiries on the Thursday session.

This immersion is ideal for new students that are curious about the essence of Tantrism as well as seasoned practitioners and teachers that would like to deepen their understanding of the Feminine Tantrik current and refine their skills as facilitators and guides in their own teaching platforms.

In the Thursday session Valentina will be available for direct personal feedback/process to students that will desire it. 

Witnessing this personal feedback dynamics is in its own a mentoring process.


All times in Central European Time (CET):

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS -6 to 7:30pm 
Live Transmissions and spontaneous practices.

We will begin this Wisdom Journey together on
Thursday 11 April @ 6pm, and we will end on Monday 29 April 2024 @ 7:30pm. 
All sessions will be recorded and uploaded within 24hrs.

All sessions will be Live(no pre- recorded content) and available for replay for 30 days .


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